What Makes Our Technology Unique.

What Makes Us Unique

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Eco Friendly

Green energy sources from the get-go. Our technologies eliminates CO2 emissions and reduce non-CO2 emissions by 75-90%.

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Energy Efficient

Lower temperatures, less fuel consumption, for longer periods of time. Driven by lower fuel and maintenance costs, our technologies decrease operation costs by 50-60%.

Overheating — An Aircraft’s Kryptonite

Thermal management represents one of the most important performance and safety concerns related to electric and hybrid-electric aviation.

If not properly managed, overheating can contribute to reduced power, lower efficiency, shorter lifespan and potentially even catastrophic system failure, loss of power, or a fire hazard.

We leverage our advanced thermal management technologies to ensure that all components operate at optimum temperature. This ensures safety and peak efficiency, leading to higher performance and longevity, while simultaneously minimising the weight of the system.

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Longer lasting, lightweight and high-power batteries

The transition to clean flight demands batteries with a long cycle life, rapid rechargeability, and a high energy density to deliver a massive amount of power during take-off and landing. Fast charging is also necessary for economic feasibility.

However, conventional battery packs quickly overheat, limiting charge/discharge power and reducing battery lifespan.

Qdot’s battery packs are designed from the individual cell level up with our novel thermal management strategy, ensuring that the battery pack remains at the optimum temperature at all times, and enabling increased power density and a longer life.

Better Aircraft Performance

Qdot Technology’s heatsinks were originally developed for use in the most challenging thermal environment – inside the reactor of a nuclear fusion power plant, where the component that must endure 100,000 times the power of the sun.

The extremely high heat transfer capability of Qdot’s heatsinks, combined with its miniature design, translates to higher power-to-weight performance and longer life compared to conventional heatsink designs.

Cooler Temperatures for Longer Distances

Heat exchangers are one of the primary tools to remove heat from the system.

Qdot Technology’s novel heat exchangers, created using our proprietary additive manufacturing techniques, allows the heat exchanger to be seamlessly integrated into the overall system architecture, including irregular spaces, and to provide dual functionality.

Better Plane Performance

Fuel cells generate heat to power an aircraft. Coolants add extra weight, which slows the aircraft down.

At Qdot, cooling is no concern. We use lightweight and versatile materials to cool our fuel cells. Our advanced heat management technologies improve performance and efficiency.

Miles Ahead of the Competition

Our battery packs, heat exchangers, and lightweight materials enable vertical takeoff and make long-distance supply delivery possible.

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